Post Implant Care


• Please do not eat before numbness has worn off. Begin with soft and cold food (not too
• Avoid vigorous exercise.
• Avoid spitting or and vigorous rinsing of your mouth.
• If you feel discomfort later Panadol and Nurofen are suitable to take as pain relief.

• Continue with any follow-up antibiotics we have prescribed.
• Rinse your mouth with warm salt water rinses three times daily after food and continue
for three days to keep the area clean and promote healing.
• Continue to brush your teeth as normal avoiding the surgical site.

• Commence brushing the implant site gently this is essential to promote healthy gum
healing and to form the body’s natural seal around the implant.
• You may notice some grit like particles coming away from the site, it’s the grafting
material and is normal.
• Please be careful of what you eat – foods that contain seeds should be avoided so as not
to disrupt healing of the implant

• Treat the area like a broken leg. Don’t chew on that side and guard the site.

Medication Protocol

Take the following prescribed medication:
• Vitamin C: 1500 mg per day starting 5 days prior to surgery and continuing until suture
• Nurofen: 3 tablets per day with meals, starting at breakfast the day before surgery and
continuing for 2 days after surgery.
• Panadol or Panadine Forte: 1 to 2 tablets every 6 hours, do not exceed 8 a day. Do not
take aspirin for 7 days as it may disturb blood clot formation.
• Antibiotics as prescribed