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Kids & Pediatric

Kids & Pediatric

The discipline focuses on the dental health for children and adolescents, it includes many aspects of restorative dentistry along with a focus on dental and gum care for disease management and prevention.

An important aspect of pediatric dentistry is child psychology & management, at Signature Smiles Dental our trained staff are able to create an environment in which dental treatment is no longer fearful to the child. Children will enjoy the chance to watch on-screen movies while having their treatment done and will also enjoy the games that are present in the waiting area.

All in all we take great care to make sure that the visit to the dentist is fun for kids.  For younger children the focus is on maintenance of primary teeth to avoid decay until these teeth are naturally lost, it involves educating the children and their parents on dental hygiene and getting them comfortable to get dental treatments done.

The role of the dentist changes as the child moves to adolescence since they become more conscious of their appearance. Preventative dental healthcare reminds important ad there may also be a need for treatments like sealants, wisdom teeth concerns, fillings, orthodontics and replacement of missing teeth. At Signature Smiles Dental we are able to offer all the above treatments to the children and their families.

Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CBDS)

The Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CBDS) is a program that offers children ages between 2 to 17 years dental treatments.

Dental Treatments have a limit of $1000 and they must be eligible for a Medicare card.

Dental treatments Includes:

  • Examinations
  • X-rays
  • Cleans
  • Fissure Seals
  • Fillings
  • Root Canals
  • Extractions

This service does not cover orthodontic treatment, cosmetic work or dental treatments provided in the hospital. To check your CBDS balance you can go onto your Medicare online account at My Gov or for more information to Child Dental Benefit Schedule.