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We accept Visa, Mastercard and Eftpos for payment. We have also have tied up with HICAPS which allows you to claim your healthfund rebates directly at our practice, which means you only pay the gap amount to us.



At Signature Smiles dental we understand that sometimes going to the dentist can be challenging and scary. We want to make sure that your visit to the dentist is as painless and comfortable as possible. To do so we offer pain relief options to help you through your dental appointment, this allows you to keep your teeth healthy while also being comfortable at the dentist. The two options we offer are general anaesthesia and conscious sedation.

General Anaesthesia is when the patient is completely unconsciousness and they will be unconsciousness for the entire procedure. These are done in the hospital either with Calvary or Barton and trained anaesthetists who are specifically trained and are experienced with administrating general anaesthesia will be assisting the dentist. The anaesthetists review each patient and monitor the patient before and after the procedure.

Conscious Sedation- For conscious sedation we offer Penthrox, which is a self administered inhalant. Penthrox can help a patient control any anxiety or pain that they might have. Though Penthrox does not remove all the pain it can significantly reduce the pain or anxiety you might have. We also use local anaesthetic on the area where the procedure is being performed. A numbing cream will be applied before the injection and while you are fully conscious you will not feel anything.

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