Why does cracked teeth hurt?

What services does Child dental benefit schedule cover?

Dental Treatments have a limit of $1000 and they must be eligible for a Medicare card.
Dental Treatments Includes:

Fissure Seals
Root Canals

How do I know if my child is eligible?

The Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CBDS) is a program that offers children ages between 2 to 17 years dental treatments. You may have received a written confirmation from the Australian Government if you are eligible. However you can find out more by visiting this website Child Dental Benefit Schedule.

What Health Funds do you accept?

What’s all the fuss about amalgam fillings?

The ADA policy remains, on the basis of the research available, that the use of dental amalgam produces no harmful effects. There has been much publicity regarding the safety of dental amalgam. The World Health Organisation and the International Dental Federation have released a joint statement confirming the safety of dental amalgam as a filling material.

The Association believes there is no positive gain in having dental amalgam fillings replaced with other materials, other than for aesthetic reasons

For which sports is a mouthguard recommended?

Mouthguards should be worn during any sport where there is the chance of a knock to the face.

There are three types of sport when we consider the chance of injury:

1. Contact sports where contact is part of the game. These include football, rugby, martial arts and boxing. The mouthguard should be compulsory.

2. Collision sports where contact often happens but it is not expected or allowed. These include basketball, hockey, water polo, lacrosse, netball, baseball, softball, squash, soccer, BMX bike riding, horseriding, skateboarding, in-line skating, trampolining, cricket (wicket keeping or batting without a helmet), water skiing and snow ski racing. A mouthguard is highly recommended.

3. Non-contact sports where contact is a rare occurrence. These include such sports as tennis where a mouthguard is not needed.

Mouthguards should be worn during all competitions as well as during training sessions, as this is when many injuries occur. This should be stressed to children in junior teams.