Our Services

Our range of services include: General check-ups, Scale & Cleans, Restorative Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry, Children & Paediatric Dentistry, Root Canal Therapy, Orthodontic Treatment, Invisalign, Implants, Crowns & Bridges, Periodontal treatment, Wisdom & Teeth Extractions, Sleep Apnoea & Bruxism Appliances, General Anaesthesia & Conscious Sedation

A Modern Family Practice

Our philosophy is patient safety and well being. The prime concern for us, is to provide you with comprehensive dental treatment with minimal discomfort.

  • General Anaesthesia & Conscious Sedation

    General Anaesthesia & Conscious Sedation

    We understand for some patients having dental treatment can be quite stressful. Dental anxiety and phobia is a common reason for which people avoid any dental treatment. Signature Smiles Dental can now offer all patients the option of having their…

  • Sleep Apnoea & Bruxism

    Sleep Apnoea & Bruxism

    What is Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)? Sleep Apnoea occurs when the muscles around the airway relax and collapse which can block airflow into the lungs. If the collapse is severe enough it causes an Apnoea (absence of breath). This constriction…

  • General Check-ups & Cleans

    General Check-ups & Cleans

    One of the best ways to ensure good oral health and hygiene is to have regular check-ups and cleans. All our clinicians recommend a six monthly check up, scale & clean to assess your dental status and to help you identify…

  • Professional Mouthguards

    Professional Mouthguards

    It is important to wear a professionally made mouthguard whenever you play sport that involves physical contact or moving objects.  This includes: cricket, hockey, football, boxing & rugby – which can cause broken and damaged teeth. A custom-made mouth guard…