Our Services

Our range of services include: General check-ups, Scale & Cleans, Restorative Treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry, Children & Paediatric Dentistry, Root Canal Therapy, Orthodontic Treatment, Invisalign, Implants, Crowns & Bridges, Periodontal treatment, Wisdom & Teeth Extractions, Sleep Apnoea & Bruxism Appliances, General Anaesthesia & Conscious Sedation

A Modern Family Practice

Our philosophy is patient safety and well being. The prime concern for us, is to provide you with comprehensive dental treatment with minimal discomfort.

  • Kids & Pediatric

    Kids & Pediatric

    The discipline focuses on the dental health for children and adolescents, it includes many aspects of restorative dentistry along with a focus on dental and gum care for disease management and prevention. An important aspect of pediatric dentistry is child…