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Oral Hygiene Tip of the Month – March

Many well-known common kinds of toothpaste we use contain multiple ingredients, however the most important of them all is Fluoride! Fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay by slowing down the breakdown of enamel (demineralization) process and enhancing the remineralisation process. The new enamel crystals formed from the remineralisation process are also more resistant to acid attack (due to the incorporation of the Fluoride mineral). To ensure you are getting the appropriate dosage be sure to read the packet prior to purchasing any product. Children’s toothpaste contains between 400 – 500 parts per million of fluoride. Regular adults toothpaste contains 1000 – 1100ppm. Toothpaste should not be swallowed and only a pea size amount is required. For any more questions speak to your dental professional today!