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Dental Fluorosis

Dental Fluorosis

What is Fluorosis?

Fluorosis is a condition which affects your tooth enamel. It is caused by excessive amount of fluoride during the first 8 years which is the time the more permanent teeth are formed.  Teeth affected by fluorosis come appear to be discoloured and can be laced with white markings however more server cases can have stains which range from yellow to dark brown or noticeable pits on the tooth.  While fluorosis is not a disease it can be difficult to treat.









Causes and Prevention

The biggest cause of fluorosis is inappropriate use of the fluoride. Some children like the taste of toothpaste and may swallow it instead of spitting it out.  Other ways this could happen would be taking a higher than normal amount of fluoride supplement during early childhood.  Parental vigilance is the key to preventing fluorosis. It’s not necessary to monitor their water and food as they get low levels of fluoride from this however parents should try and ensure they do not swallow the toothpaste.  Another way to make sure they don’t use too much fluoride would be to use less toothpaste depending on their age.


Fluorosis Symptoms

Fluorosis Facts