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Oral Hygiene Tip of the Month – June

Simple tips on how to achieve a brighter smile!

  • Good oral hygiene is a must! Brush your teeth at least 2x a day and use floss or pikster in-between daily. Not only will this remove plaque but superficial stains which stick to the tooth surface
  • Drink plenty of water – especially after any food or drink. Not only will the cleanse the mouth of food particles but also disturb the formation of plaque & stains
  • Moderation is key! Minimise the amount of red wine, soft drinks, or foods such as pasta sauces or berries that may stain your teeth easily! If you do consume these – remember to rinse with water afterwards.
  • Visit your dental professional regularly! Every 6 months have a scale, clean & polish, not only will this improve your oral health status but also remove any superficial staining on your teeth

Try concealing it with colour! Did you know wearing a darker shade of lipstick can bring the illusion of whiter teeth due to the difference in colour contrast


Have you got braces? Have you broken a bracket?

A broken bracket can be a real inconvenience. However, it is pretty easy to avoid this by keeping in mind several tips:

  • Avoid eating sticky or hard foods like toffee, sticky caramel, hard candy, popcorn, etc.
  • Brush your teeth and floss every day. Maintaining good oral hygiene makes dealing with your braces far more manageable.
  • When you are enjoying a meal, cut your food up into small pieces and chew with your back teeth rather than gnawing at the front.
  • Be careful when you are flossing or using your interdental brush. Be gentle, don’t pull too hard on the wires.
  • Don’t chew on hard objects like pens which can easily disrupt them
  • If you do break one, try to resist fighting with it because this can cause your braces to loosen. Make booking an appointment to fix this your priority.

If a broken bracket is causing you pain, make sure you let your dentist know this when you are booking your appointment.

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Oral Hygiene Tip of the Month – May

Getting braces has definitely been an increasing trend in the dental environment! However, knowing how to keep them clean to ensure you achieve the best healthy smile possible at the end is the most important factor of your orthodontic treatment. Give these healthy tips a try if you have braces:

  • Keep a kit containing a toothbrush, toothpaste and either SuperFloss or a Pikster with you everywhere you go! You never know when you might need it after a meal.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day – however, the more often you do this – the better your gum health will be!
  • Start off slow – use a manual toothbrush when you first get braces to perfect your brushing technique. As you now have more things in your mouth than just teeth your actual technique will need to change.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay away from the sweet/sugary drinks (both between and after meals). This will help with good saliva flow and will also reduce your risk of dental decay
  • Use lip balm – to help keep your lips hydrated and moisturized
  • Attend regular check-ups and have dental cleans completed more often! Due to the presence of brackets and wires, unfortunately, your teeth will attract more plaque and calculus. These basic tips can ensure you smile after your orthodontic treatment will be a healthy one! For further information or questions on how these tips may apply to you, speak to your dental