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Teeth Grills

Teeth Grills

What are Teeth Grills?

Teeth grills often known as fronts or “Grillz” are removable covers for your teeth which are often made by gold, silver or cheaper metals. They can be put on one or more teeth and can be taken off at any time. While studies done by the American Dental Association have not show that grills can be harmful, they are also no studies to prove they are safe for your teeth.


Dental Risks of Teeth Grills

There are different types of risk for teeth grills such as:

  • Bacteria and debris- Grills can cause food to get stuck in between the grills and teeth which can lead to tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease.
  • Glue- The glue that is used to attach the grills could cause harm to your teeth and gums to the chemicals that it uses.
  • Abrasion- Grills could scrape away the enamel on your teeth
  • Chewing and speaking- The grills could negatively affect your chewing and speaking if places in a wrong position.

How can you take care of you Grills?

If you choose to have grills you should always make sure you’re cleaning you mouth and gums to avoid any gum diseases or cavities.

  • Wear you grill sparingly as needed
  • Clean you grill daily to avoid bacteria
  • Floss daily to get rid of trapped food
  • Remove you grill before eating and cleaning your teeth

Consult your dental professional regarding allergies, cost, materials and risks before getting any dental grills.




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