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What to do about thumb sucking?

What to do about thumb sucking?

How can thumb sucking effect my child’s teeth?

After teeth start developing in your child, thumb sucking can cause problems. The proper growth alignment of the teeth can change dur to the motion of thumb sucking. Pacifiers can also affect teeth in the same way as thumb sucking.


How can I help my child stop thumb sucking?

  • Some helpful tips to help you child stop thumb sucking can be praise them for not sucking their child. Place a calendar and strike the day your child hasn’t sucked their thumb to show how well their doing. Some kids are highly motivated with visual representations of their progress.
  • For an older child, involved them in choosing a method to stop.
  • Children often suck their thumb because their feeling insecure and need comfort. Try focusing on providing comfort to your child.
  • If all these tips fail consult your dentist