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Fun facts about toothpaste and teeth

  • Did you know you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day?
Brush all surfaces of your teeth, inside and outside surfaces of your teeth, using your soft toothbrush. In these 2 minutes, you should not be too aggressive as overtime you could wear your gums
  • Did you know you are not suppose to rinse your mouth after brushing?
When brushing you should not rinse your mouth straight away. You should wait for the remaining toothpaste in your mouth to work its magic on your teeth.
  • Did you know fluoride was introduced to toothpaste recently?
In 1956 fluoride was added to toothpaste. This recent ingredient is now an important part that helps to prevent tooth decay
  • Did you know the enamel is the strongest substance in whole body?
The enamel covering your teeth is the hardest substance in your whole body! It is made up of 95% calcium compare to just 55% in your bones
  • Did you know not everyone are born with wisdom teeth?
Up 35% of people are born with missing wisdom teeth. Some people are born with no wisdom teeth at all! Evolution has played a role in this because since our diet has changed, humans don’t need wisdom teeth anymore.

Oral Hygiene Tip of the Month – July

What is toothpaste and why do we use it? This month we’re talking about simple toothpaste tips!

Toothpaste, as the name suggests can either be a gel or paste used in combination with a toothbrush, as an accessory agent to clean your teeth! It contains multiple ingredients such as abrasive agents, antibacterial agents, fluorides, remineralisers, surfactants and etc. Every toothpaste has a different concentration of an active ingredient. Fluoride is an important active ingredient, found naturally in foods, water and is added to toothpaste for its anti-decay properties! Fluoride helps to remineralise tooth structure and prevent dental decay. Always read the label of your toothpaste to see how much fluoride it contains to see if it fits the guidelines set out by the Australian Dental Association:

  • 18months – 5years old should  brush their teeth with toothpaste containing 500-550ppm or 0.5-0.55mg/g of fluoride 2x day
  • 6years & older should brush their teeth with toothpaste containing1000-1500ppm or 1-1.5mg/g of fluoride 2x day

Prior to purchasing a toothpaste – you must consider what you need it for? Are you after something for sensitive teeth, whitening, a children’s toothpaste, high- fluoride or just a general every-day type toothpaste?

Speak to your dental health professional today, to find out what toothpaste would suit your dental needs and to answer any questions you may have about your toothpaste! Call us on 62557800 today to find out which toothpaste is for you!