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Tips for Christmas Oral Hygiene

Tis’ the season to be jolly. While celebrating with family and friends during these holidays, we are all guilty of digging into those wonderful treats. So here are a few tips to help maintain that perfect smile for Santa and the new year ahead:

1- Set a Time.

It can be very easy to continuingly eat throughout the day, especially with those holiday tree nearby by. However, constantly eating puts your teeth in more risk of decay. This is due to the fact that after you eat, there is always a little bit of food left behind for bacteria in your mouth, leading to a¬†toothache. Therefore, if you set a particular time to eat, you aren’t constantly eating those high sugary and high fatty holiday foods.

2- Watch the drinks.

Having drinks that are acidic affect your teeth. These drinks often contain a high sugar content that can be disastrous to your teeth. One simple solution is ice and using a straw. Ice makes the drink a colder temperature, reducing the amount of acid in the drink and risk of decay. On top of that, using a straw may decrease the risk of decay.

3-Brushing properly

Brushing your teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes is optimal. Ensuring to brush your tongue will also help with morning breath and reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth. Maybe play or hum your favourite holiday song while brushing, you definitely will hit that 2-minute mark without even noticing.

4- Be careful with candy

If you bite down on the hard candies, your teeth may crack causing you a great ordeal. If you really have to eat those hard candies, then make sure you let them dissolve in your mouth. Also ensure that you brush your teeth after all those sugary foods of the holiday season, and eat them in moderation.