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Dental Implant or Dental Bridge

Dental Implant or Dental Bridge

Dental treatment has come a long way and there are solutions to help replace any missing or extracted teeth. Some of those treatments can be getting a bridge or implant.

A dental bridge helps connect the gap between one or multiple missing teeth. The bridge is supported by the natural teeth that are on both sides. In order for a bride to work the teeth next to it must be shaved or cut down to cement the bridge and align with the other teeth. The bridge is then cemented on top to cover the missing teeth underneath.  Unlike implants, bridges are non-surgical and are less painful. A bridge can work with needing to bone graft in case of bone loss. It is a lot quicker than implants and can usually take a couple of weeks while implants can take months due to the healing process. The bridge is less expensive than an implant.

Some of the cons of the bridges, however, can be that they look less appealing than implants and don’t look as natural as implants. Bridges can also cause strain to adjacent teeth and therefore they will not last permanently and will need to replaced every 7 to 10 years. The maintenances of those teeth can be challenging due to the bulky mass.


Dental implants appear identical to your natural teeth with function, strength, and aesthetically. They are also embedded within the mouth during a surgical procedure. A dental implant will replace the entire missing structure with a metal screw made up of titanium. New bone will then regrow around the metal screw after a few months and once that is embedded in properly a crown is this screwed on top. Implants look like natural teeth and are more durable than bridges. In most cases, they have a very high success rate and can last a lifetime. It can also prevent additional bone loss and they’re resistant to gum problems and dental decay due to the metal composition.

Some cons about implants are that they can take up to 3-6 months for it to fully integrate with the jaw bone therefore it will be a long while before you have a tooth in that area. Because it is a surgical procedure there are surgical risks. A single implant can cost a few thousand dollars.


To find out what the best treatment for you would be discussing with your dentist. The treatment can vary for patient to patient as there may be other treatments that you might need to consider before getting a bridge or implant.

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