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How Smiling Affects Wellness

How Smiling Affects Wellness

Smiling has a huge impact on our wellness. People tend to smile less when they are not happy with their teeth, whether that be related to health or cosmetic issues, making them feel self-conscious therefore not wanting to smile. Smiling has a great impact on us not only physically, but also emotionally and socially. It has been observed that compared to adults, children are seen more often smiling. Research shows that children smile on average 400 times per day whereas, the older you get the less you tend to smile, only 40-50 times per day for an average happy adult and 20 times per day for the typical adult.

Smiling has been shown to have numerous health benefits including reduced blood pressure, increased endurance and reduced pain. This happens when our bodies release cortisol and endorphins. By smiling regularly, it helps release your negative emotions, reduces your stress levels and puts you in an overall good mood.

Not only does smiling benefit yourself but also those around you. When you see another person smile our brain is activated in a way that also makes us feel better. Smiling has a huge effect on us socially as well. By smiling it makes people feel comfortable to engage in a conversation with you because you look more approachable. Have you heard that yawning is contagious? Well, it’s been proven smiling is as well. You may see someone smiling and not even realize, unconsciously you smile as well.