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Dangers of Methamphetamine

Dangers of Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine, also known as meth is a street drug which can cause serious health problems, not only for your body but also your mouth and teeth.  A person which uses methamphetamine is known as a “meth mouth” because the use of such a drug results in stained, blackened, broken or even rotting teeth.  A study done by the Journal of American Dental Association found the 96% of 571 methamphetamine users had tooth decay and 31% were missing 6 or more teeth.

How can meth damage your teeth?

There are several ways meth can damage your teeth such as

Xerostomia: This is a stimulant which can cause dry mouth and will reduce the saliva protecting your teeth

Lack of dental hygiene: A meth high can last up to 12 house in which most users do not practice good dental hygiene such as flossing or brushing which can then lead to the sugary substances staying on their teeth for long periods of time.

Poor Diet: While under the influence, meth users often crave sugary foods due to withdrawals which are extremely bad for you teeth.

Can meth mouth be treated?

Unfortunately due the effects of meth the damage that is done to the teeth is irreversible. It causes the teeth to decay so much that they cannot be saved and must be pulled. For users that have used it for much longer might have to spend thousands in order to fix the damage of meth.  Those who haven’t used for a long time might be able to walk away with fillings and crowns.



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